About Grand Mills

At Grand Mills, we believe that the best flour is created through the perfect synergy of traditional values and innovative thinking. It is only through the vigilant process of selecting the finest grains that breathes life into more

Our Definition of Quality

Good quality flour is the main ingredient required to transform everyday meals into something spectacular. When you bite into a creamy piece of cake, you’re not just biting into a dessert; you’re biting into the wholesome goodness of more

Our Products

We strive to constantly deliver products made from the highest quality grains and adhering to international standards. Our diverse range of flours can be used for any cuisine and breathe new life into the joy of cooking and baking. more

From Field to Fork

Our heritage and traditions are reflected in the way we manufacture our products. Discover more about our flour odyssey and the process through which we deliver only the finest flours to our customers. more

Our Promise

We are the modern Abu Dhabi miller bringing traditional virtues and innovative thinking to the flours feeding our region. Actively selecting and mixing superior quality ingredients, we ensure that better tasting flour goes into better tasting products.


Our Loyalty Program

Grand Mills Bakers' Club is the exclusive loyalty program for our professional customers across the UAE. It’s our special way of rewarding you for your unconditional loyalty and continuous trust in our products.