Our Promise

We are the modern Abu Dhabi miller bringing traditional virtues and innovative thinking to the flours feeding our region. Actively selecting and mixing superior quality ingredients, we ensure that better tasting flour goes into better tasting products. Well balanced commercially and nutritionally, our flour range helps build healthy businesses and happy families.

Beyond flour, we also provide expert and informed advice to our customers; creating value, inspiring better products and increasing success for the bakers we supply and happily work alongside.

As pioneers of the region’s milling industry and a leading player in the UAE market with our trusted products, we are appreciated by our customers for our collaborative and progressive approach to business.

Our Values

We are committed to providing only the best and highest quality products to all our customers. We strive to exceed expectations through consistently outperforming ourselves and adhering to the highest industry standards.

Our integrity and humble roots allows us to combine innovation with honesty in everything we do.

Informed and knowledgeable, we apply our vast experience to every aspect of our products and service delivery. Agile in our thinking, we also understand the need for constant review and product innovation to meet the changing baking application. Assessing options, measuring progress and understanding the implications flowing from our decisions and actions, we’re dedicated to delivering the optimal mix with the optimal advice and the optimal answer.

Our dedication to improving our products and performance is relentless. Innovation, technology, standards, process and capability- we never stand still. This determination is only matched by our ambition to help raise the level of our nation’s health through the quality of products we provide. We are driven but not at the expense of our integrity and humanity. To be sought after ambition, is to succeed by consistently being the best.

Encouraging as well as analytical and questioning, and by working together, we find more ways to identify and answer the needs of those who depend on us. Yet we never accept the usual approaches when we know that originality and inventiveness can produce efficiency. Progress happens when we openly engage with others. The more we share, the more we learn and the more we all prosper.

Open to possibilities, we know that what we produce is the foundation of bringing more entertainment and enjoyment, as well as feeding life itself. We are excited and inspired by new opportunities. We work hard everyday to make sure we garner everyone’s trust. We unleash our creativity as it helps us create new products or improve existing ones. It allows us to design bespoke solutions and answer any local needs. It leads us to always propose something fresh and new.